Body: By Stripped FAQ

Body: by Stripped is a new segment in the Stripped Underwear Family. Body: by Stripped was designed with those who need a great way to moisturize their skin. Body by Stripped, uses whipped Shea & Mango based body butters. The line is for an all natural hydrating system, that will leave your skin freshly radiant and glowing. 


Educating you on each property used. 

Each Ingredient Provides a unique benefit for your skin:

Shea/Mango Butter will provide an intense moisturizing factor that is known to reduce skin inflammation, restore elasticity, and reduce stretch marks. Coconut oil allows your skin to retain its moisture. Almond Oil will improve complexion and skin tone, also known to aid in sun damage. Grapeseed oil has been known to heal acne, reduce scars, and tighten pores. Vitamin E, will improve and smooth your skin giving it a youthful appearance.

Dyes for the body butters are FDA approved

Body: by Stripped Body Butter does not aim to treat any problematic skin. Stripped Body Butter instead provides you with an alternative to natural oil and butters to give your skin a deep penetration of moisture while enabling the benefits each acting agent.