Jason Sherard - Owner

After 8 years of traveling and extensive research, Stripped Underwear is now ready for everyone to enjoy. The idea formulated in Charlotte NC from frustration of having underwear that either bunched up or was not at all fashionable. From that frustration, there needed to be something other than the "Go-To" underwear brands...Something that would make every man want to be Stripped down to their underwear...Something that incorporated boldness, fashion, and masculinity.

Thus Stripped Underwear was born! The extensive research came from understanding how each fabric would feel against skin, if it would irritate it, cause any type of discomfort. Traveling to the fashion capitals of Los Angeles and New York, and gaining insight as to how to properly measure and sew each front, back, and crouch piece.  Each piece is made of 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, Mesh and a cotton elastic waistband.

With an athletic inspired look, Stripped maintained the masculine appeal so that every man could enjoy his new underwear.

Every man in Stripped will be sure to find comfort and style from each piece they own!